(Even)More Efficient CHP with Capstone MicroTurbines

Microturbine iCHP systems have just gotten more efficient thanks to recent innovations by Capstone Turbine.

The 65kW iCHP system now has ten percent more heat recovery, enabling total system efficiencies upwards of eighty percent.

Additionally, the new C200 Signature Series microturbine now has its own iCHP version, joining the C65, C600S, C800S and C1000S iCHP models. 


Our customers have more CHP options than ever before, and can generate more energy than ever before. 

Island Institute Delegation Visits Microturbine Plant on Monhegan Island

On April 29, we helped our customer the Monhegan Plantation Power District (MPPD) host a large delegation led by the Island Institute as part of the 2017 Island Energy Conference.

This 260kW diesel-fired microturbine array has been powering the island since summer 2016, having replaced an antiquated and polluting generator plant that had been in service since the late 1990’s. 

MPPD needed a low-maintenance and low-emission option to comply with EPA Tier IV requirements, reduce lube oil consumption and maintenance. 

Four Capstone’s C65 Liquid Fuel units in Stand Alone are the backbone of this microturbine-solarPV microgrid.  In the next phase of the project, hot water recovered from the Capstones will be piped to nearby buildings for heating and dehumidification. 

Hats off to MPPD and Island Institute for a great event!

Despite Volatility in Energy Markets, Microturbine Market Will Grow to $1B by 2020

This, according to independent research group Navigant Research.

Growth will be led by the oil and gas industry and increased utilization of microturbines in new CHP and CCHP systems among industrial and commercial customers, the report says.

No doubt about it, the global economy, and energy markets in particular, have been very volatile.  Oil is down, the US dollar is strong, and major markets such as Russia are experiencing significant downturn.  These macro trends have produced headwinds on a global scale for many innovative energy manufacturers.

However, what we at Vergent Power are seeing on a local level in our daily business in the northern and eastern parts of the US and Canada is an increasing interest for Capstone microturbine systems, particularly for CHP and CCHP applications.  The factors driving this interest are rising electricity costs, stable natural gas pricing and desire for company or facility-level energy security – none of which are likely to go away in the foreseeable future.

Eventually, these projects will break ground and demonstrate the momentum predicted in Navigant’s report.

Click here for a summary of Navigant’s report.

Debate at Ronald Reagan Library...Powered by Capstone Microturbines

American technology powering the Presidential Library

American technology powering the Presidential Library

Many Americans, as well as people around the world, witnessed the Republican Presidential debate tonight at the iconic Ronald Reagan Library.  Putting aside the politics inherent in the event, this historic night was powered by Capstone microturbines. 

This innovative American technology provides 95 percent of the Presidential Library’s energy using sixteen Capstone microturbines producing not only electricity (nearly one megawatt), but also heating and cooling for the pavilion which houses the late President’s Air Force One airplane, among other historical pieces.

The CCHP system, installed in 2006 – nearly ten years ago – continues to provide savings and environmental benefits to the Southern California facility. 

The jet engine generators were invented and manufactured less than 20 miles away in Capstone’s state-of-the-art factory – a testament to the brilliance of American technology.

We at Vergent Power are proud to be part of this American tradition. 

You can see one case study of the project here.

CHP a Great Fit for Hospitals

Today we had the honor of presenting to a group of senior healthcare executives at the Healthcare IT Transformation Assembly 2015 in Houston, Texas.  The message was clear: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a way for hospitals to reduce their energy costs with reliable baseload power and thermal energy while also serving their sustainability initiatives.

According to the DOE, approximately 300 hospitals across the country have installed a CHP system.  Why is CHP ideal for hospitals?  Because energy consumption at these facilities is 24/7/365, and because electric and thermal loads are both stable and coincidental.  A right-sized CHP system can deliver very favorable Return on Investment, and these saved resources can be reinvested into improved patient care.

You can see our presentation from today’s seminar by clicking here.

We’re Growing in New England

Vergent Power now has a new office in New England.  The larger Waltham, MA location will house sales and service operations for our growing operations in the Northeast. 

We are maintaining nearly 40 microturbines in New England and interest from new customers continues to grow.  Vergent Power is soon launching a campaign to introduce microturbine technology to Massachusetts’ largest energy consumers.  In the coming weeks we will reach out to over 300 MA-based companies and institutions in an effort to reduce their energy costs with clean and reliable microturbine technology. 

Microturbines are an ideal solution in Massachusetts where electricity prices continue to rise and the Capstone product easily meets the state’s stringent emissions regulations.  Customers that install Microturbine Combined Heat and Power systems can also be eligible for incentives – our team helps customers maximize these programs to the benefit of their bottom line.

Most of all, we are very pleased to announce our newest team member, Mike Savage.  Mike will work out of the Waltham office and is spearheading the Massachusetts campaign as well as other new business development activities in New England.  Welcome, Mike!

To learn more about the MA campaign, please contact msavage@vergentpower.com.



Twenty Turbines Under Contract!

It has been awhile since our last post – we’ve been very busy growing our company and expanding the reach of microturbines throughout the US and Canada.

We are proud to announce that in just 6 short months we have put our 20th Capstone MicroTurbine™ under long term service agreement.

The Factory Protection Plan (“FPP”) is a long-term maintenance package, backed by the Capstone factory and implemented by its specialized and certified Distributors.  For up to 15 years, Vergent Power will guarantee the cost of all microturbine maintenance.  This is the only such program in our industry that covers ALL parts, ALL labor, and EVERYTHING planned and unplanned.  Even the 40,000-hour turbine engine overhaul is included in the FPP.

The FPP gives our customers peace of mind and the confidence of knowing exactly what the “M” in “O&M” will cost for a decade to come.

Some of our FPP customers are new plants and some are old plants that have been running for years.  We especially enjoy bringing 10-year old turbines back to life and placing them under our care for another 10 years.  This would only be possible with a great product like the Capstone MicroTurbine™!