CHP Dollars Are Coming to Illinois

Illinois has historically been home to relatively low electricity rates, making it a challenging market for CHP.  Now, thanks to a new CHP incentive program by Commonwealth Edison (“ComEd”), the economics for CHP projects will get a significant boost.

Specific details are yet to be published by ComEd, but Vergent Power has learned that the incentive will have the following outline:

  • $0.07 per kWh generated to help offset project cost (this would equate to approximately $600,000 in incentive dollars annually for a megawatt CHP).
  • Up to $25,000 to go toward a feasibility study performed by pre-approved third party assessment providers.
  • Up to $25,000 for interconnection costs.

This program is a very gratifying development for us, as we have been working for years with the Midwest Cogeneration Association to push for a pro-CHP climate in Illinois.

See below map showing ComEd’s service territory, which comprises more than 11,000 square miles in and near the Chicago-land area.

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Contact us today if you are a ComEd customer interested in CHP for your facility.

Debate at Ronald Reagan Library...Powered by Capstone Microturbines

American technology powering the Presidential Library

American technology powering the Presidential Library

Many Americans, as well as people around the world, witnessed the Republican Presidential debate tonight at the iconic Ronald Reagan Library.  Putting aside the politics inherent in the event, this historic night was powered by Capstone microturbines. 

This innovative American technology provides 95 percent of the Presidential Library’s energy using sixteen Capstone microturbines producing not only electricity (nearly one megawatt), but also heating and cooling for the pavilion which houses the late President’s Air Force One airplane, among other historical pieces.

The CCHP system, installed in 2006 – nearly ten years ago – continues to provide savings and environmental benefits to the Southern California facility. 

The jet engine generators were invented and manufactured less than 20 miles away in Capstone’s state-of-the-art factory – a testament to the brilliance of American technology.

We at Vergent Power are proud to be part of this American tradition. 

You can see one case study of the project here.

Mission-Critical / Microturbine / Minnesota!

Vergent Power is bringing the first “big box” Capstone MicroTurbine to Minnesota.  The 600-kilowatt package will power, heat and cool the new Open Access Technology International data center being built in the Twin Cities.

Not only is the microturbine the energy backbone of this mission critical facility, but it will operate in a microgrid with other renewable sources of energy – wind and solar – as well as energy storage.  If the power grid fails, the microturbine will carry the facility’s load through the outage.

Check out the joint Capstone / OATI press release - click here.


OATI ( is on the cutting edge of energy technology and their new facility will be a showcase of what is sure to be a growing application in the data center market.

Trendy St. Paul Apartments Kick Off Nine Year Maintenance Plan

Back in November, we commissioned the first new microturbine project in Minnesota in recent memory at the beautifully revamped Schmidt Brewery.  Now dubbed the Schmidt Artists Lofts, the modernized landmark is home to a vibrant live/work community of creatives – and to a brand new microturbine CHP system in the basement.

The sixty-five kilowatt “jet engine” produces electricity and thermal energy around the clock.  The plant has run without interruption since we hit start back in November. 

Vergent Power’s “Factory Protection Plan” is providing full maintenance coverage through 2024.  The plan includes all parts and labor for all planned and unplanned maintenance for 9 years. 

More importantly, we are showing that small-scale CHP is a viable solution in Minnesota.  For a long time Minnesotans have enjoyed relatively low electricity prices.  Today, electricity is getting more and more expensive while natural gas remains an attractive alternative thanks to an abundance of domestic supply. 

Soon we will make our biggest Minnesota announcement yet...the first C1000 package in the state.  Stay tuned!

CHP a Great Fit for Hospitals

Today we had the honor of presenting to a group of senior healthcare executives at the Healthcare IT Transformation Assembly 2015 in Houston, Texas.  The message was clear: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a way for hospitals to reduce their energy costs with reliable baseload power and thermal energy while also serving their sustainability initiatives.

According to the DOE, approximately 300 hospitals across the country have installed a CHP system.  Why is CHP ideal for hospitals?  Because energy consumption at these facilities is 24/7/365, and because electric and thermal loads are both stable and coincidental.  A right-sized CHP system can deliver very favorable Return on Investment, and these saved resources can be reinvested into improved patient care.

You can see our presentation from today’s seminar by clicking here.

VPS Featured in Bakken Buyer’s Guide

VPS is pleased to be featured in the inaugural edition of the North Dakota Petroleum Council Buyer’s Guide. 

According to the NPDC, “The Buyer’s Guide provides NDPC members and other industry professionals with an efficient way to browse for goods and services.  The Buyer’s Guide also offers oil and gas suppliers and companies exceptional visibility by showcasing their products and services to a targeted, industry-specific buyer group.”

Capstone MicroTurbines are a great fit for providing clean and reliable power from oilfield waste gas.  Oil producers in the Bakken are getting better at capturing associated gas, but about 30% of produced gas is still flared. 

We’ve all heard about the falling price of oil.  More efficient capture and use of flare gas in places like the Bakken is a win-win.  VPS is excited to be part of the solution in the Bakken.

Please type in keyword “Vergent” visit at

We’re Growing in New England

Vergent Power now has a new office in New England.  The larger Waltham, MA location will house sales and service operations for our growing operations in the Northeast. 

We are maintaining nearly 40 microturbines in New England and interest from new customers continues to grow.  Vergent Power is soon launching a campaign to introduce microturbine technology to Massachusetts’ largest energy consumers.  In the coming weeks we will reach out to over 300 MA-based companies and institutions in an effort to reduce their energy costs with clean and reliable microturbine technology. 

Microturbines are an ideal solution in Massachusetts where electricity prices continue to rise and the Capstone product easily meets the state’s stringent emissions regulations.  Customers that install Microturbine Combined Heat and Power systems can also be eligible for incentives – our team helps customers maximize these programs to the benefit of their bottom line.

Most of all, we are very pleased to announce our newest team member, Mike Savage.  Mike will work out of the Waltham office and is spearheading the Massachusetts campaign as well as other new business development activities in New England.  Welcome, Mike!

To learn more about the MA campaign, please contact



Twenty Turbines Under Contract!

It has been awhile since our last post – we’ve been very busy growing our company and expanding the reach of microturbines throughout the US and Canada.

We are proud to announce that in just 6 short months we have put our 20th Capstone MicroTurbine™ under long term service agreement.

The Factory Protection Plan (“FPP”) is a long-term maintenance package, backed by the Capstone factory and implemented by its specialized and certified Distributors.  For up to 15 years, Vergent Power will guarantee the cost of all microturbine maintenance.  This is the only such program in our industry that covers ALL parts, ALL labor, and EVERYTHING planned and unplanned.  Even the 40,000-hour turbine engine overhaul is included in the FPP.

The FPP gives our customers peace of mind and the confidence of knowing exactly what the “M” in “O&M” will cost for a decade to come.

Some of our FPP customers are new plants and some are old plants that have been running for years.  We especially enjoy bringing 10-year old turbines back to life and placing them under our care for another 10 years.  This would only be possible with a great product like the Capstone MicroTurbine™!

Power-Gen International Looks at Resiliency & Microgrids


Another busy week last week for Vergent Power.  Much of it spent out in the field with our existing customer base in New England like the Mass Maritime Academy, Stonyfield Yogurt and TACO HVAC.  We’re proud to be getting these great companies and institutions under Vergent Power long-term service contracts.

I also spent a day with the Power-Gen International Steering Committee, of which I am proud to have been a member for the past five years.  Together with some very impressive industry leaders, we helped to assemble the Power-Gen International Conference this December in Orlando. 

The Onsite Power Committee put together three very exciting sessions on the topics of microgrids, resiliency of distributed generation against weather-related power outages, and how cheap and abundant natural gas is changing the power gen landscape.  I am very impressed with this year’s batch of speakers, which organizer PennWell will announce soon.

And Vergent Power will soon be announcing some new positions for which we are hiring...

Vergent Power's Flare Gas Solution


Vergent Power and Capstone Turbine just returned from a week in the Bakken shale area.  It’s simply amazing to see the level of activity brought on by shale exploration in a once quiet corner of the North Dakota prairie.

The other phenomenon we witnessed was an abundance of gas flaring.  Nearly every well pad seemed to have a flare.  Oil producers are under pressure to reduce or eliminate flaring from government, the media, the public, and their own pocketbooks.  Gas flares not only pollute the air; they also represent a significant economic loss to the oil companies themselves.  Instead of flaring, associated gas could be brought to market or used onsite to produce power in place of high-cost diesel fuel.

Microturbines are an ideal solution for flare gas, and for the Bakken area in particular.  Microturbines, unlike many other power generators, can run on the rich gas found in the Bakken.  In fact, microturbines can reliably and efficiently run on propane, which can have an energy content that is up to three times higher than natural gas.  Because of our patented air-bearing technology and the fact that there is only one moving part in the turbine, there is only six hours of scheduled maintenance on average per year.  That is a critical benefit for remote areas, and in places where labor is at a premium, as it is in North Dakota right now.

The energy companies we talked to were hungry for new solutions.  Vergent Power and Capstone will also be working closely with groups such as the North Dakota Petroleum Council and the Energy and Environment Research Center to promote microturbines to as wide an audience as possible in order to get this innovative yet proven technology deployed in the Bakken. 

Vergent Power is incredibly excited to be part of what we think is a fundamental shift in the approach towards flare gas in the USA. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Vergent Power’s activities in the Bakken, coming soon!

Welcome to!

We are very pleased to announce the creation of Vergent Power Solutions, Inc.  Vergent Power is a new company that is 100% dedicated to implementing successful microturbine projects and to providing best-in-class service to the existing installed fleet in our territory.  I started the company after working for six years at Capstone Turbine, most recently as the Vice President for Sales in charge of the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.  I bring with me some top-notch technical talent from the Factory. 

Microturbines are an exciting and proven technology with over 60 million operating hours across the world. I have personally been involved in projects in some unbelievable places - on tops of skyscrapers, in the jungles of the rainforest, at altitudes in excess of 8,000 feet, in the hottest deserts and in the coldest tundras, the list goes on and on.  The Capstone microturbine is the only product that uses air bearings in the hot section of a turbine.  The air bearing means that the microturbine uses no oil, no coolants and spins at 96,000 rpm! 

At Vergent Power we excel at three core activities:

  1. Being microturbine experts.    
  2. Working collaboratively with project partners to help them integrate this amazing technology into great projects.    
  3. Standing behind the product for the long term by providing best-in-class service for the life of the microturbine.

We are grateful to Capstone Turbine for selecting us to represent their technology in the Upper Midwest and New England.  We look forward to bringing microturbine energy to your business soon.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from!


Justin Rathke
President and Founder