Mission-Critical / Microturbine / Microgrid...in Minnesota!

Vergent Power is bringing the first “big box” Capstone MicroTurbine to Minnesota.  The 600-kilowatt package will power, heat and cool the new Open Access Technology International data center being built in the Twin Cities.

Not only is the microturbine the energy backbone of this mission critical facility, but it will operate in a microgrid with other renewable sources of energy – wind and solar – as well as energy storage.  If the power grid fails, the microturbine will carry the facility’s load through the outage.

Check out the joint Capstone / OATI press release - click here.


OATI (www.oati.com) is on the cutting edge of energy technology and their new facility will be a showcase of what is sure to be a growing application in the data center market.

Trendy St. Paul Apartments Kick Off Nine Year Maintenance Plan

Back in November, we commissioned the first new microturbine project in Minnesota in recent memory at the beautifully revamped Schmidt Brewery.  Now dubbed the Schmidt Artists Lofts, the modernized landmark is home to a vibrant live/work community of creatives – and to a brand new microturbine CHP system in the basement.

The sixty-five kilowatt “jet engine” produces electricity and thermal energy around the clock.  The plant has run without interruption since we hit start back in November. 

Vergent Power’s “Factory Protection Plan” is providing full maintenance coverage through 2024.  The plan includes all parts and labor for all planned and unplanned maintenance for 9 years. 

More importantly, we are showing that small-scale CHP is a viable solution in Minnesota.  For a long time Minnesotans have enjoyed relatively low electricity prices.  Today, electricity is getting more and more expensive while natural gas remains an attractive alternative thanks to an abundance of domestic supply. 

Soon we will make our biggest Minnesota announcement yet...the first C1000 package in the state.  Stay tuned!