Jessie Gillis Joins Vergent Power Solutions

We are pleased to announce the most recent addition to our growing team, Jessie Gillis.  Jessie is an electrical engineer based in Toronto, Canada.  He comes to us from our dealer partner, Whiby Hydro Energy Services Corporation, where he sold, developed, executed and serviced Capstone microturbine CHP plants in Ontario.  

Jessie’s role at Vergent Power is Senior Applications and Field Service Engineer.  He will put his engineering and sales skills to use to not only aid in developing new microturbine projects, but also to service operating plants, as Jessie is a Capstone Authorized Service Provider (ASP).  

Vergent Power has done nine CHP projects in Canada since 2014, and services an additional six plants. We are fully dedicated to the Eastern Canadian territory and are proud to represent Capstone Turbine in this exciting energy market.  We have several dozen active projects in development currently in Ontario, where natural gas-driven generation makes clear economic sense for businesses looking to reduce energy costs while hardening their energy security.  

Welcome, Jessie!

(Even)More Efficient CHP with Capstone MicroTurbines

Microturbine iCHP systems have just gotten more efficient thanks to recent innovations by Capstone Turbine.

The 65kW iCHP system now has ten percent more heat recovery, enabling total system efficiencies upwards of eighty percent.

Additionally, the new C200 Signature Series microturbine now has its own iCHP version, joining the C65, C600S, C800S and C1000S iCHP models. 


Our customers have more CHP options than ever before, and can generate more energy than ever before. 

New England Suffers Storm-Related Blackouts...Need for Microgrids Clearer than Ever

This recent article by our friends at Microgrid Knowledge calls for distributed generation as a means to keep the lights on during extreme weather events like this past week’s storms in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where nearly 150,000 lost power, some for as many as four days.

We see the same trend picking up speed in Ontario where we are currently working with dozens of businesses to develop and design microturbine CHP systems capable of standalone power generation when the grid goes down.

Back in the U.S., the Clean Power Plan, recently announced by the Obama Administration, seeks to accelerate deployment of microgrids because distributed generation can not only enhance resiliency, it can also result in decreased emissions because of microgrids’ higher energy efficiency and incorporation of renewable energy.

It’s hard to argue with the benefits of localized, hardened energy infrastructure.  Increasingly, utilities are recognizing that microgrids can be part of their network rather than competition.  This is a welcome and necessary change; we hope it continues and becomes policy for more utilities.

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Trendy St. Paul Apartments Kick Off Nine Year Maintenance Plan

Back in November, we commissioned the first new microturbine project in Minnesota in recent memory at the beautifully revamped Schmidt Brewery.  Now dubbed the Schmidt Artists Lofts, the modernized landmark is home to a vibrant live/work community of creatives – and to a brand new microturbine CHP system in the basement.

The sixty-five kilowatt “jet engine” produces electricity and thermal energy around the clock.  The plant has run without interruption since we hit start back in November. 

Vergent Power’s “Factory Protection Plan” is providing full maintenance coverage through 2024.  The plan includes all parts and labor for all planned and unplanned maintenance for 9 years. 

More importantly, we are showing that small-scale CHP is a viable solution in Minnesota.  For a long time Minnesotans have enjoyed relatively low electricity prices.  Today, electricity is getting more and more expensive while natural gas remains an attractive alternative thanks to an abundance of domestic supply. 

Soon we will make our biggest Minnesota announcement yet...the first C1000 package in the state.  Stay tuned!