Jessie Gillis Joins Vergent Power Solutions

We are pleased to announce the most recent addition to our growing team, Jessie Gillis.  Jessie is an electrical engineer based in Toronto, Canada.  He comes to us from our dealer partner, Whiby Hydro Energy Services Corporation, where he sold, developed, executed and serviced Capstone microturbine CHP plants in Ontario.  

Jessie’s role at Vergent Power is Senior Applications and Field Service Engineer.  He will put his engineering and sales skills to use to not only aid in developing new microturbine projects, but also to service operating plants, as Jessie is a Capstone Authorized Service Provider (ASP).  

Vergent Power has done nine CHP projects in Canada since 2014, and services an additional six plants. We are fully dedicated to the Eastern Canadian territory and are proud to represent Capstone Turbine in this exciting energy market.  We have several dozen active projects in development currently in Ontario, where natural gas-driven generation makes clear economic sense for businesses looking to reduce energy costs while hardening their energy security.  

Welcome, Jessie!

Recent Canada Installs, Partners and Projects

In honor of the Toronto Blue Jays, who are headed to the American League Championship Series...

Vergent Power has been incredibly busy growing our business in Eastern Canada since 2014, and we wanted to share some recent highlights.

In Ontario, we have been helping customers to take advantage of the Province’s new CHP incentive, which can be used to help defray costs to install highly-efficient CHP plants.  Recent microturbine installs include a 65kW system at a St. Catharine’s apartment building, and a 260kW system for a Toronto condo building.  Both microturbine plants are capable of powering and heating the buildings if the utility grid fails.  The latter plant is provided to the condo building under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement, through our Canadian PPA provider, Magnolia Generation.  The building is managed by Brookfield, a major global property company.

We also recently received an order for Ontario’s first microturbine biogas project.  Vergent Power will supply a 65kW microturbine together with a gas conditioning system from Unison Solutions to run off of the digester gas from the Collingwood wastewater treatment plant.

Ontario ratepayers are experiencing significant increases in their power bills, which is fueling the interest in CHP among businesses.  Customers there also want protection from grid insecurity, which makes Capstone’s “Dual Mode” microturbines an optimal solution to add backup power capacity while reducing energy costs. 

In order to amplify our outreach to Ontario customers, we have partnered with Whitby Hydro Energy Services Corp., the energy management and engineering arm of an Ontario-based power utility, since 2015.  Together, our companies are developing more than twenty highly-efficient CHP projects throughout the multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial markets.  The first installations from this partnership will take place later this year.

Meanwhile, Vergent Power has restored many older microturbine plants to service in Ontario, including a 90kW CHP installed at a utility company and two 130kW plants owned by Union Gas, the largest gas provider in Ontario with over 7 million customers.  We are deepening our service resources in Canada with additional Ontario-based technicians.   

Our work goes beyond Ontario.  Building upon a recent 65kW install in Nova Scotia with LPP Combustion, we are working with Gridstor Energy in the Atlantic provinces to target factories, breweries, hospitals and other customers that could benefit from a simultaneous fuel switch from fuel oil to propane, and adoption of CHP technology.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian partners and customers.  Good luck Jays!