Trendy St. Paul Apartments Kick Off Nine Year Maintenance Plan

Back in November, we commissioned the first new microturbine project in Minnesota in recent memory at the beautifully revamped Schmidt Brewery.  Now dubbed the Schmidt Artists Lofts, the modernized landmark is home to a vibrant live/work community of creatives – and to a brand new microturbine CHP system in the basement.

The sixty-five kilowatt “jet engine” produces electricity and thermal energy around the clock.  The plant has run without interruption since we hit start back in November. 

Vergent Power’s “Factory Protection Plan” is providing full maintenance coverage through 2024.  The plan includes all parts and labor for all planned and unplanned maintenance for 9 years. 

More importantly, we are showing that small-scale CHP is a viable solution in Minnesota.  For a long time Minnesotans have enjoyed relatively low electricity prices.  Today, electricity is getting more and more expensive while natural gas remains an attractive alternative thanks to an abundance of domestic supply. 

Soon we will make our biggest Minnesota announcement yet...the first C1000 package in the state.  Stay tuned!

Twenty Turbines Under Contract!

It has been awhile since our last post – we’ve been very busy growing our company and expanding the reach of microturbines throughout the US and Canada.

We are proud to announce that in just 6 short months we have put our 20th Capstone MicroTurbine™ under long term service agreement.

The Factory Protection Plan (“FPP”) is a long-term maintenance package, backed by the Capstone factory and implemented by its specialized and certified Distributors.  For up to 15 years, Vergent Power will guarantee the cost of all microturbine maintenance.  This is the only such program in our industry that covers ALL parts, ALL labor, and EVERYTHING planned and unplanned.  Even the 40,000-hour turbine engine overhaul is included in the FPP.

The FPP gives our customers peace of mind and the confidence of knowing exactly what the “M” in “O&M” will cost for a decade to come.

Some of our FPP customers are new plants and some are old plants that have been running for years.  We especially enjoy bringing 10-year old turbines back to life and placing them under our care for another 10 years.  This would only be possible with a great product like the Capstone MicroTurbine™!