Microturbines Are a Gas Flaring Solution

Vergent Power Solutions is pleased to see the oil and gas industry take a firmer approach to the issue of gas flaring.  As the rising price of oil enables more activity in areas such as the Bakken in North Dakota, we want to be part of the solution to gas waste and pollution.

This article is worth reading as it shows the connection between oil and gas activity and flare gas capture in the Bakken - http://bismarcktribune.com/news/state-and-regional/as-oil-production-grows-new-construction-buildout-expected/article_d945b365-a608-565a-8377-fd4b1407a425.html

Vergent Power recently joined the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s Gas Flaring Task Force.  We hope to have the opportunity to educate its members on how microturbine technology can assist their efforts to turn gas flares into a usable power generation fuel, thereby reducing carbon-creating, wasteful flares. 

We’ll be exhibiting at this year’s Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck in May.  Come see us!

VPS Featured in Bakken Buyer’s Guide

VPS is pleased to be featured in the inaugural edition of the North Dakota Petroleum Council Buyer’s Guide. 

According to the NPDC, “The Buyer’s Guide provides NDPC members and other industry professionals with an efficient way to browse for goods and services.  The Buyer’s Guide also offers oil and gas suppliers and companies exceptional visibility by showcasing their products and services to a targeted, industry-specific buyer group.”

Capstone MicroTurbines are a great fit for providing clean and reliable power from oilfield waste gas.  Oil producers in the Bakken are getting better at capturing associated gas, but about 30% of produced gas is still flared. 

We’ve all heard about the falling price of oil.  More efficient capture and use of flare gas in places like the Bakken is a win-win.  VPS is excited to be part of the solution in the Bakken.

Please type in keyword “Vergent” visit at www.ndoilgasbuyersguide.com/search.aspx.