ALERT - New England Power Market Needs More Capacity

February 5, 2015 Posted By: Justin Rathke Category: New England, Vergent Power Solutions

An article in yesterday’s Union Leader very succinctly summarizes the power shortages facing New England.

Power plant closings have left a gaping whole in the region’s electricity supply that will affect ratepayers in the medium and long term.  We can only expect power prices to rise in order to address the current shortages. 

Onsite combined heat and power (CHP) is one way that New England businesses can control the threat of rising energy prices.  With natural gas supply as abundant and historically inexpensive as it is today, the time has never been better for CHP.  That’s why we recently sent nearly 1,000 Massachusetts companies and organizations an offer to receive a free energy analysis as part of our Mass CHP Campaign.

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