Mission-Critical / Microturbine / Minnesota!

June 2, 2015 Posted By: Justin Rathke Category: Clean Energy, Microturbine, Minnesota

Vergent Power is bringing the first “big box” Capstone MicroTurbine to Minnesota.  The 600-kilowatt package will power, heat and cool the new Open Access Technology International data center being built in the Twin Cities.

Not only is the microturbine the energy backbone of this mission critical facility, but it will operate in a microgrid with other renewable sources of energy – wind and solar – as well as energy storage.  If the power grid fails, the microturbine will carry the facility’s load through the outage.

Check out the joint Capstone / OATI press release - click here.


OATI ( is on the cutting edge of energy technology and their new facility will be a showcase of what is sure to be a growing application in the data center market.

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