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April 13, 2014 Category: Clean Energy, Microturbine, Vergent Power Solutions

We are very pleased to announce the creation of Vergent Power Solutions, Inc.  Vergent Power is a new company that is 100% dedicated to implementing successful microturbine projects and to providing best-in-class service to the existing installed fleet in our territory.  I started the company after working for six years at Capstone Turbine, most recently as the Vice President for Sales in charge of the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.  I bring with me some top-notch technical talent from the Factory. 

Microturbines are an exciting and proven technology with over 60 million operating hours across the world. I have personally been involved in projects in some unbelievable places - on tops of skyscrapers, in the jungles of the rainforest, at altitudes in excess of 8,000 feet, in the hottest deserts and in the coldest tundras, the list goes on and on.  The Capstone microturbine is the only product that uses air bearings in the hot section of a turbine.  The air bearing means that the microturbine uses no oil, no coolants and spins at 96,000 rpm! 

At Vergent Power we excel at three core activities:

  1. Being microturbine experts.    
  2. Working collaboratively with project partners to help them integrate this amazing technology into great projects.    
  3. Standing behind the product for the long term by providing best-in-class service for the life of the microturbine.

We are grateful to Capstone Turbine for selecting us to represent their technology in the Upper Midwest and New England.  We look forward to bringing microturbine energy to your business soon.

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