Microturbines Provide Power to Place of Refuge in Ontario After Lightning Strike

August 19, 2019 Posted By: Justin Rathke Category: CHP, Clean Energy, Microturbines

Disaster struck a residential community in Tillsonburg, Ontario on Sunday morning – in the form of a lightning strike that hit a natural gas line – forcing more than 60 households to evacuate.

Fortunately for the residents, the Tillsonburg Community Centre (TCC), is powered by a microturbine CHP plant that kept the facility’s electricity and hot water system functioning despite the widespread power outage in the area.  The TCC is able to serve as a place of refuge for the town. 


Photo:  Three Capstone Microturbine CHP systems provide energy to TCC with or without the grid

Thankfully, the gas leak was remedied, and the community members have since been able to return home. 

We are proud that Capstone CHP was able to be serve as the “port in the storm” for Tillsonburg!

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